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Welcome to the Tosh.0 Wiki

Tosh.0 Wiki is a collaborative website about the show Tosh.0 that anyone can edit with whatever made up thing they want to say regarding Daniel Tosh or his television show on Comedy Central, Tosh.0! You see the people at Wikpiedia are stuck-up pricks that are bent on ass-raping the fun out of everyone else's lives. So since they wouldn't let anyone edit the Tosh.0 page on Wikipedia (even though Daniel Tosh himself asked us too) we've created the next best thing.

So have at it! Whatever you want to say regarding Tosh.0 is 100% true as far as we're all concerned. "Is Comedy Central replacing The Colbert Report with another half hour of Tosh.0?" You bet. "Is Daniel Tosh the next successor to the King of Nigeria?" Why not? or "Did Daniel Tosh have a gay relationship with Tom Cruzie"... Nooo (wink wink). Happy editing, bitches!

How To Get Started

If you want you can create an account by clicking create an account. If not just click on either the Tosh.0 page, the Daniel Tosh page, the Sex Life page, or the The Kool-Aid Guy page on the menu bar to the left and start making shit up! Recent edits are to the bottom of this page, or if you have an account you can see them on your "My Home" page in the top right corner of the screen.


Several of the articles use information from the actual Wikipedia page so... (cross your fingers) no law suit!

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